Hi, I'm Sarah!

I am thrilled you are here!

This is a space that I just HAD to create for you. Let me explain . . . 

My name is Sarah Simone and I am a woman, wife, mother, sister, and daughter. Most importantly, I am a warrior. I have been dealt some pretty traumatic experiences involving the death of my brother and then my father, my own fight with breast cancer, and a few trials with sexual assault. These experiences broke me…at first. I didn’t have the tools to process the things that had torn me apart and so I pretended they didn’t exist and pushed them all down. Eventually, my body and mind couldn’t contain one more toxic thing and I ended up hospitalized and scared to death. It was at this time that I entered a partial hospitalization program for my mental health and I learned a considerable amount. The most important thing I learned was ”I’m not alone.” This sounds cliche but it was something that I had never considered. I had always felt like this journey of pain and trauma was one I was taking by myself. Of course I knew others were suffering, but I didn’t know that people were feeling the same things I was. I felt different. I felt ostracized. I felt so so immensely alone. And then, I was surrounded with others feeling the same unsettling and disheartening things. I was flooded with books written about these experiences and feelings. I was truly experiencing the benefits of yoga, mediation, and chakra balancing and I thought "does everyone know these tools exist? Do others feel as alone as I did?" After months of studying and years of practicing, I knew I needed to create a space where I could share what I've learned. It was then that Magique was born. My hope is that you can find solace, companionship, and confidence in this space.


I hope you find your magique.