Lo-Fi Beats

This playlist helps me be more aware and mindful of my environment. I use this list while working a lot to help my focus. With ADD, it has helped me focus much better.


About 50 minutes of glorious sound to aid in relaxation, meditation, or yoga.

Stress Relief

I created this list for a stress relief class. Take a deep breath and let your body move in the ways it needs to.


Songs to make you feel empowered and know your worth.

We Got This

I created this list when I was going through my treatments and appointments for breast cancer. It made me feel strong and helped me relax and sing along. I hope it will do the same for you.

Acoustic Covers

Everyone loves a good cover right? This playlist made by Spotify is one of my favorites.

I own no rights to any of this music. I simply enjoy music as a form of therapy for myself I use the paid version of Spotify to play and listen to music and podcasts.