Hey Warriors!

I'm Amy


I'm Sarah

& You're reading about your Unqualified Therapists!

We are badass women who have seen some shit. We are mothers, entrepreneurs, middle aged women navigating life.  We've experienced sudden death loss, suicide, long term illness loss, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, cancer, and a lot more. These experiences have given us a deep look into the realm of mental health. So, while we hold no credentials, we have a shit load of experience. We decided that our stories, our traumas, our victories were screaming to get out. We knew that we had felt alone in many of these times and didn't want anyone else to experience that same raw, hollow feeling.  And that is when it came to us. Let's get this shit out there. And thus, Unqualified Therapists Inc. was created.  We use our twisted sense of humor as a coping mechanism along with our knowledge and other experts to bring you the tools and information you need navigate through your own mental health struggles.  With that being said, we are not for everyone and that is OK!  Regardless, we are here to hold a space for you. We are here to let you know you are not alone. We are here for YOU.

So, grab your favorite beverage and buckle up because it's a wild ride. Thank you for being here! We truly love you all! Remember to hold on, we're gonna make it.

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